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S.O.L. with Endi

S.O.L. with Endi was founded and created by Endira Stewart in 2019. The abbreviation in the name means, "Shout Out Loud," to highlight the power positive self talk holds. Endira is very passionate about sharing with the community all the different and extraordinary ways to incorporate it into your life. From jars, decks, apparel to tips, discussions, and events. It is far from being only the physical.

The brand was originally named "SOLJars By Endi," and sold solely the hand made affirmation jars you see listed in the shop. The SOLJars were created with loved ones in mind and a holiday gift being needed. Endira used their creativity and sunflower energy to make the jars that are now in several storefronts and have been shipped worldwide.

2023 is now here and we have moved all daily affirmation posts to "Shout Out Loud Love" on social media platforms. S.O.L. with Endi is the creator, founder, and owner... Shout Out Loud Love is the MOVEMENT. Keep an eye out. 

Where are they now?

Endira has had the opportunity to partner with some amazing humans to open the Elevated S.O.L Studio in NW Washington D.C. to offer accessible wellness to the community. Endi is managing the space and continuing to create events, service packages and products to brighten the gleam in you. While being here and continuing to further in their yoga teacher training, they have begun offering Mindful Movement classes on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday(s). 

Curating events that welcome the growth of the amount of your strength, opportunity, and light in your everyday life. Hosting book clubs, teleworking sessions, and other community offerings. Partnering with others to offer bodywork therapy, meditation sessions, and other services because you deserve it.

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