About SOL with Endi

Hello! I am Endi, a 22 year old CEO. I have a strong passion for spreading love everywhere I go and I have been told I radiate sunflower energy. I am a photographer, childcare provider, and unofficial yogini. I love the outdoors and hanging with people I love.

This business was started when a close friend of mine shared with me that I radiate sunflower energy. I realized soon enough that she was telling the truth and I wanted to share it with the world. “Sol” is Spanish for “sun,” and it is also an abbreviation for “Shout Out Loud!” Affirmations hold so much power for me and saying them out loud to yourself is a gift that needed to be shared with everybody. I wanted to remind everybody of the power their voices hold. Affirmations are an oral statement that confirms something is true.

When you believe in yourself, the world will believe in you.